Choosing the Best Dentist for your Needs



Finding the best dentist is a vital step in protecting your family dental health. There are numerous dentists offering different dental services. From simple fillings to very complicated surgeries, there are many dental services to choose from. However, choosing the best dentist for your needs involves a few checkpoints.

Here are factors to consider when choosing the best dentist for your family needs.

1. Maintains professionalism

A trustworthy dentist will always take a professionals style to address his or her patient’s needs. He or she should also be up-to-date with the latest technology in a particular field.

2. Convenient to visit

The dentist you select must be operating near your workplace or your home. This is to make it easier to visit the dental clinic more often. Choosing a dentist whose working hours match your hours is also an advantage. This will help you plan appointments easily. You will also be able to go for an emergency without any planning issues.

3. Dentist who accepts your dental insurance

Getting a dentist who does not accept your dental insurance is a loss to you. There are many dental plans available. Some accept certain insurance plans while others do not. Even though most dental clinics accept insurance cards, it is important to confirm.

4. Holds a legal degree and certification

The dentist you choose must have a valid degree from a reputable dental school. This is a must if you want to be treated by a qualified dentist. Various dental schools provide different dental degrees. Hence, make sure that your dentist has the needed licenses, degrees, certifications among other requirements.

5. Ask for references

It is always good to ask family members or friends for recommendations while choosing a dentist. Most people who may have had issues with their teeth can recommend a good dentist. In addition, since kids are afraid to visit a dentist, it is important to choose a friendly dentist who will be able to treat your children teeth. The dentist will also motivate your children and teach them about oral health.

6. A hygiene office

Dental procedures are complex and a bit intimidating. It is therefore important that you choose a dentist with a clean office and equipment.

7. Calm atmosphere

A good number of people are afraid of visiting a dentist. You are therefore advised to choose a dentist who will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. A trustworthy dentist is one who is ready and willing to brief you about the treatments and procedures available. A dentist should also help you learn and understand the services offered so you can relax and make your mind.

8. Cost

Another important factor to consider is the cost. You need to choose a dentist who is affordable and also offer effective dental services. Before you pick a dental clinic, it is good to do your own research about the dental prices.

Choosing the best dentist for your needs is not an easy task. But with the help of the above tips, you will be able to find the best dentist for your needs.

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Myths and Facts about Fluoride and its Hidden Dangers

There are a lot of myths and facts on fluoride out there warning people about fluoride and some of its potential dangers. Fluoride is being linked to a number of acute and even chronic health issues. It is present in our drinking water, a number of medicines and drugs. The pertinent question remains whether it is true or just a myth. Here are some myths and facts about Fluoride and its hidden dangers:

Focus on Fluoride
Fluoride can best be described as a soluble salt and it is in no way a heavy metal. It occurs in two basic types; calcium fluoride and sodium fluoride. Calcium fluoride usually occurs naturally in seawater and underground water. A substantial amount of this type causes dental or skeletal fluorosis that weakens the dental and bone matter. Sodium chloride on the other side is more toxic and affects negatively quite a number of health issues when added to water supplies.

Sodium fluoride that comes from industrial waste is usually contaminated with aluminum, lead and cadmium. This causes damages to the kidneys, livers, weaken the immune system and causes symptoms that resemble fibromyalgia. It can also cause brain degradation, premature birth, bone loss and in some instances cancer.

Dangers of Fluoride
A large population out there assumes that consumption of fluoride only affects the dental health. However, a recent scientific review has shown that fluoride falls under an endocrine disruptor that is capable of affecting your brain, bones, pineal gland, thyroid gland and blood sugar levels. There are over 100 animal studies and 34 human studies that linked fluoride to lower IQs in children, brain damage and a host of other diseases. These include dementia, arthritis, thyroid disease, muscle disorders, increased infertility and damaged sperm and increased cancer and tumor rate.

Fluoride also depletes the amount of iodine in your body causing immune deficiency and hypothyroidism. Iodine deficiency causes thyroid disorders like premature aging, constipation, weight gain, depression, hair loss and low libido. Iodine plays a crucial role in our bodies in as far as our immune system is concerned as it weakens and kills foreign bodies, organisms and germs. An increase in the amount of fluoride exposes the body to a number of health issues. It is a persistent type of a toxin that is stored in the body for a very long time in the body tissues and bones.

How does it get into the system?
Fluoride is contained in a lot of things like dental hygiene products like toothpaste, drinking water, concentrated juices, breakfast cereals, sodas, processed foods, aerated drinks and medications. There are certain pesticides that contain high fluoride levels meaning that our environment is being flooded with this dangerous soluble salt through conservative agriculture.

Way Forward
All the above myths and facts about fluoride signal the high time that fluoride exposure is reined and taken back to the normal levels. Fluoridation should not be necessary at all due to the realization that fluoride is indeed a poison. Secondly, laboratory tests have shown that even a 1.0 part of the fluoride added to drinking water (1 million liters) acts as a compelling mutagen and carcinogen. Fluoride is an element that causes a myriad of health issues and hence the government ought to take more stringent measures to control it.


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Is dental sedation right for you?

Tooth pain is mainly caused by the reaction of the nerves in the tooth chamber. When you encounter such problems, you need to see a dentist immediately. In order to relieve the pain when you are undergoing the treatment, you might require dental sedation.

Dental sedation is a type of medication which is mainly used to assist patients to relax during the dental procedures.

Types of dental sedation

The major types of dental sedation include intravenous sedation, oral sedation, and nitrous oxide. The oral sedation normally takes approximately two minutes to start working.

Is dental sedation right for you?

The solution of the question is a yes. This is because of the following major benefits of dental sedation:

1. Relaxation remedy

Approximately 10% of the dental problems are mainly caused by both dental phobia and dental anxiety. Because of such problems, the patients may even decide to postpone the treatment as they are anxious. With the dental sedation, you needn’t worry since it can transform you into a relaxing experience. Hence, you will get relieved from the stress as well as to be fearless.

2. Co-operation of the patient

Another advantage of the dental sedation is that there is an increased in the patient cooperation. However, the patients with the mental condition might be very uncooperative. As a result, it is very difficult to get proper dental care.

3. Gag reflex control

Gag reflux reduction is another addition benefit of the dental sedation. In fact, gagging can be managed successfully by the sedation. If you are having a sensitive gag reflex, you need to use this type of medication as it will reduce the filling significantly.

4. There is very little or no treatment of memory

One of the side effects of dental conscious sedation is amnesia. For most of the patients, it can be a major benefit of dental sedation. You will also feel that the dental; procedure will only last for few minutes. But, you may encounter traumatic experience from multiple extractions or gum surgery. You will be much more comfortable with the sedation as it will erase those memories.

5. You will enjoy the comfort

Every individual who is about to undergo the dental treatment will benefit from the increased level of comfort being offered by the dental sedation. Nevertheless, you will feel less tired after the treatment when you have been sedated. You will not encounter difficulties such as keeping the mouth open and jaw soreness after being sedated.

6. Control of the movement

The sedation procedure also minimizes the movement of the dental patients. This will be extremely beneficial in cases of movement control. When there is a movement of the patients which is unexpected, it will be impossible to be attended by the dentist effectively. Therefore, sedation is required. On the other hand, there is the need for deep sedation as conscious sedation might not be enough.



The dental sedation is of great significance to every individual who is having dental challenges. When you undergo the treatment, you will eventually enjoy the healthy and beautiful smile which you deserve. According to the recent statistics, it has indicated that sedation is becoming popular in a wide range of dental clinics.


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Is it worth it to get my teeth whitened at my next dental visit? 

This has been a major concern to persons with discolored teeth. Modern methods and the use of high technology have become applicable in every field, and the world of dentistry has not been left out. This is most noticeable in cosmetic dentistry which is blossoming. You will find the answers to this question below. As such, here are five reasons why teeth’s whitening is an excellent idea:
1. To have a confident smile-Your face is the first thing that people remember. Therefore it is paramount to look your best. A smile is a big factor whether or not first meetings will turn into a lasting relationship – personally or work-related. Laughing is one thing but smiling that shows pearly white teeth can create positive outcomes. A confident smile makes you very attractive and can help you move up the ladder of success and build friendships. If you have a stained or badly discolored set of teeth, you cannot be confident about doing many things for your personal development.
2. An enjoyable social and business life-This is interconnected to having a confident smile when your teeth are clearly white. Your social and business life will always involve a group of people. Since you have to mingle and communicate with different types of individuals, one of your best tools to success is a show of those gorgeous, white teeth when you smile. You cannot freely smile if you have stained or severely discolored teeth and your friends or business associates may find you a snob or an annoying person when you cannot smile due to your concern about discolored teeth.
3. Health reasons-Although health issues may include having to face dental cavities or gum diseases or some forms of oral cancer, having your teeth whitened is virtually equivalent to having good dental and oral health management. Some people get depressed when they don’t feel and look good, and having problems like tooth discoloration can be stressful, which can make them unhealthy. Also, the stains that smoking, coffee, and other beverages leave on your teeth can be a source of cavities.
4. A personal treat that’s affordable-Teeth whitening may be one of the non-essential dental procedures but having a cosmetic dentistry procedure is a way of pampering yourself that is not bad for your budget. Giving yourself a dental treat can make you feel superb.
5. It may be profitable-Having your teeth whitened either through home remedies or by dental professionals can be profitable. Especially for many young people these days, they can make a real profit just by showing an attractive, pearly white set of teeth. Wearing the most beautiful smile can secure the most photogenic award in modeling or a beauty pageant.
Teeth whitening have now become very popular especially because a lot of people realize the benefits their teeth have on their appearance. This enhances one’s self-esteem and confidence. The main reason that teeth whitening are the good idea is that it will make your life happier and more productive.



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Fillings, Crowns, and Dental Repairs (oh my!)

Dental repairs should be not limited to those with extensive decay. A tooth that is chipped or flawed in any way should be looked at by an oral care professional. When a cosmetic dentist is consulted, they have several options at their disposal including veneers and dental implants. The individual treatment will be determined by the type of damage and the location of the damaged tooth in the mouth.

Dental Implants

There are times when a tooth has decayed to the stage where it can no longer be saved with a filling. If this is the case, an extraction and dental implant usually are the recommended treatment.

Once the decayed tooth has been removed, the cosmetic dentist will implant a metal post into the jawbone of the patient. There are various types and styles of posts used and the patient’s jaw structure as well as the number of teeth removed will determine which type.

Once this procedure is done, time is required for the area to heal properly and allow the bone to grow around the metal post. While this is taking place, the dentist will have a laboratory make a replacement tooth out of metal, ceramic or porcelain. A connector is then added to the metal post so it can receive the replacement tooth. Dental implants typically will last up to 20 years for most patients.


Bonding is an easier process due to the fact an outside lab is not needed. The bonding procedure can usually be completed in one appointment. In this process, the cosmetic dentist removes any decay present and roughens the surface of the tooth.

He will then ‘paint’ a special composite resin on the tooth in layers, allowing the resin to cure between applications. Once sufficient build up has been achieved, the dentist will file and shape the tooth into the desired shape so it will match the surrounding teeth. Although this treatment looks good, the bonding procedure is not as resilient to pressure or wear as veneers are.


Veneers are an ideal treatment for teeth that are chipped or showing excessive wear. It also works well to fill gaps, correct discoloration or extend teeth that are shorter than surrounding teeth. The first step with veneers is to get an x-ray of the damaged area.

This way, the cosmetic dentist has a good understanding of the injury or degree of damage that has been done and an idea of the corrective measures that are needed. Once this is done, any decay is removed, and the tooth is filed by half a millimeter. An impression is then made and sent to a lab where a cap is created to exact specifications.

Veneers are usually made from porcelain. Once it’s been returned from the lab, the dentist will clean, dry, and coat the tooth with special bonding cement designed specifically for keeping the tooth in place.

Once the veneer is in place, the cement is cured using a special light, and then any excess cement is removed as well as any sharp edges, ensuring your bite is perfect.

Regardless if you need dental implants in Miami or veneers in New York, there is hope for you if you have damaged teeth that detract from your smile.


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