Myths and Facts about Fluoride and its Hidden Dangers

There are a lot of myths and facts on fluoride out there warning people about fluoride and some of its potential dangers. Fluoride is being linked to a number of acute and even chronic health issues. It is present in our drinking water, a number of medicines and drugs. The pertinent question remains whether it is true or just a myth. Here are some myths and facts about Fluoride and its hidden dangers:

Focus on Fluoride
Fluoride can best be described as a soluble salt and it is in no way a heavy metal. It occurs in two basic types; calcium fluoride and sodium fluoride. Calcium fluoride usually occurs naturally in seawater and underground water. A substantial amount of this type causes dental or skeletal fluorosis that weakens the dental and bone matter. Sodium chloride on the other side is more toxic and affects negatively quite a number of health issues when added to water supplies.

Sodium fluoride that comes from industrial waste is usually contaminated with aluminum, lead and cadmium. This causes damages to the kidneys, livers, weaken the immune system and causes symptoms that resemble fibromyalgia. It can also cause brain degradation, premature birth, bone loss and in some instances cancer.

Dangers of Fluoride
A large population out there assumes that consumption of fluoride only affects the dental health. However, a recent scientific review has shown that fluoride falls under an endocrine disruptor that is capable of affecting your brain, bones, pineal gland, thyroid gland and blood sugar levels. There are over 100 animal studies and 34 human studies that linked fluoride to lower IQs in children, brain damage and a host of other diseases. These include dementia, arthritis, thyroid disease, muscle disorders, increased infertility and damaged sperm and increased cancer and tumor rate.

Fluoride also depletes the amount of iodine in your body causing immune deficiency and hypothyroidism. Iodine deficiency causes thyroid disorders like premature aging, constipation, weight gain, depression, hair loss and low libido. Iodine plays a crucial role in our bodies in as far as our immune system is concerned as it weakens and kills foreign bodies, organisms and germs. An increase in the amount of fluoride exposes the body to a number of health issues. It is a persistent type of a toxin that is stored in the body for a very long time in the body tissues and bones.

How does it get into the system?
Fluoride is contained in a lot of things like dental hygiene products like toothpaste, drinking water, concentrated juices, breakfast cereals, sodas, processed foods, aerated drinks and medications. There are certain pesticides that contain high fluoride levels meaning that our environment is being flooded with this dangerous soluble salt through conservative agriculture.

Way Forward
All the above myths and facts about fluoride signal the high time that fluoride exposure is reined and taken back to the normal levels. Fluoridation should not be necessary at all due to the realization that fluoride is indeed a poison. Secondly, laboratory tests have shown that even a 1.0 part of the fluoride added to drinking water (1 million liters) acts as a compelling mutagen and carcinogen. Fluoride is an element that causes a myriad of health issues and hence the government ought to take more stringent measures to control it.


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