Is dental sedation right for you?

Tooth pain is mainly caused by the reaction of the nerves in the tooth chamber. When you encounter such problems, you need to see a dentist immediately. In order to relieve the pain when you are undergoing the treatment, you might require dental sedation.

Dental sedation is a type of medication which is mainly used to assist patients to relax during the dental procedures.

Types of dental sedation

The major types of dental sedation include intravenous sedation, oral sedation, and nitrous oxide. The oral sedation normally takes approximately two minutes to start working.

Is dental sedation right for you?

The solution of the question is a yes. This is because of the following major benefits of dental sedation:

1. Relaxation remedy

Approximately 10% of the dental problems are mainly caused by both dental phobia and dental anxiety. Because of such problems, the patients may even decide to postpone the treatment as they are anxious. With the dental sedation, you needn’t worry since it can transform you into a relaxing experience. Hence, you will get relieved from the stress as well as to be fearless.

2. Co-operation of the patient

Another advantage of the dental sedation is that there is an increased in the patient cooperation. However, the patients with the mental condition might be very uncooperative. As a result, it is very difficult to get proper dental care.

3. Gag reflex control

Gag reflux reduction is another addition benefit of the dental sedation. In fact, gagging can be managed successfully by the sedation. If you are having a sensitive gag reflex, you need to use this type of medication as it will reduce the filling significantly.

4. There is very little or no treatment of memory

One of the side effects of dental conscious sedation is amnesia. For most of the patients, it can be a major benefit of dental sedation. You will also feel that the dental; procedure will only last for few minutes. But, you may encounter traumatic experience from multiple extractions or gum surgery. You will be much more comfortable with the sedation as it will erase those memories.

5. You will enjoy the comfort

Every individual who is about to undergo the dental treatment will benefit from the increased level of comfort being offered by the dental sedation. Nevertheless, you will feel less tired after the treatment when you have been sedated. You will not encounter difficulties such as keeping the mouth open and jaw soreness after being sedated.

6. Control of the movement

The sedation procedure also minimizes the movement of the dental patients. This will be extremely beneficial in cases of movement control. When there is a movement of the patients which is unexpected, it will be impossible to be attended by the dentist effectively. Therefore, sedation is required. On the other hand, there is the need for deep sedation as conscious sedation might not be enough.



The dental sedation is of great significance to every individual who is having dental challenges. When you undergo the treatment, you will eventually enjoy the healthy and beautiful smile which you deserve. According to the recent statistics, it has indicated that sedation is becoming popular in a wide range of dental clinics.


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